Lunch Program

Students may bring their own lunch or they may purchase a hot lunch provided by Northern Wells Community School District through Ossian Elementary School and the National School Lunch Program. 

Hot lunches include milk.  A ten student lunch ticket may be purchased for $28.50 or individually for $2.85 from the school office.  Extra milk if purchased separately is $.50 (cost is set by Northern Wells Community School and is subject to change).  Applications for free and reduced lunches are available in the school office.  If applicable, reduced price lunches are $.40 each.

Bethlehem is charged for each hot lunch served.  Families should pre-pay for the lunches.  The number of lunches paid for will be communicated regularly to the families. If the amount owed for lunches by a student is more than $15.00 and no arrangement has been made, the student will receive a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk.  This policy is in line with that of Northern Wells Community Schools.

April  2024 Lunch Menu